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Sanabel Hind for catering services is a newly established Food & Beverage company founded by an organization whose members have over a decade of in-depth experience and wide expertise in restaurant’s division with exceptional strengths in developing accurate business models and growing up different business sectors. The Company workforce is drawn from different nationality mix that represents a rich variety of talented backgrounds and cultures allowing us a unique insight into the requirements of our customers and fostering a culture of understanding, respect and openness. Sanabel Hind is recognized as one of Al Khater’s group subsidiaries, it was established in 2016 with the main purpose of operating a broad range of Quick Service Restaurants, Casual Dining’s and Trendy Cafés aiming to deliver an unrivalled guest experience in the food & beverage sector, in addition to setting the essential steps for expanding and growing up the business across all GCC geographies with newly grown up & franchise brands that meet the Arabian culture requirements. Back in 2015, the idea of founding newly concepts for running great restaurants were taking a serious step. Ever since that vision, a highly dedicated team of consultants and professionals started to create the primary platform for 2 main concepts that Arabian Peninsula community would really love. Today, we can say that we made further progress along this platform and fast forward to present days, TOMANJIE and ZOYA were officially born and their official debut will be effective in 2019.

Our Brands

TOMANJIE is a fast food chain that aim to deliver a unique experience for a great taste of middle eastern food. The menu is focusing on authentic flavors, freshness and above all a great taste of Beef & Chicken shawarma spiced to perfection, marinated right and topped with signature ingredients & sauces.

Tomanjie food menu items are including sides, tasty salads, delicious sandwiches, rice platters and desserts. At Tomanjie, we strive to inspire food enthusiasts and the general public with our quality and service to be part of a memorable experience with friends and families

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ZOYA was born out of the desire to share the experience of the genuine espresso culture & lifestyle to bring joyful life to Saudi Arabia and GCC demographics. ZOYA reflects the latest trendy and modern platform, it creates the real beat of social environment where friends, families, colleagues, and neighbors can meet up to enjoy a great coffee and a quick conversation which always becomes a lengthy one allowing for another espresso!

Starting over, ZOYA coffee should be part of any daily ritual as we always believe that every day should be an improvement on the day before where each espresso or cappuccino is even better than last.

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Zoya - Daharab Mall Gate no -6,
King Saud Branch Rd, Al Dhawhah Al Janubiyah, Al Khobar = 34457


Zoya - Al Hasa
Ain Najm Street,
Al Salam Second zone,
Al Mubaraz


Zoya - Al Jubail
King Abdul Faisal road , Jubail
Al Jubail 35514
+966 133448832

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