Board Of Executives

Mohammed Eid Al Khater


Al Khater is a renowned Group of companies with diversified industrial and commercial interests. The Group started to create values for country and region in 1970 with Real Estate. The group expanded its operations across diversified sectors including, Trading, Petroleum Services, Manufacturing, Contracting, Automobiles, catering services, medical equipment, Executive Housing, Electronics, Our established mission is to be a pioneer, leader and profitable in all the sectors we operate aiming to generate worth for all stakeholders, develop strategic alliances, transfer technologies and create employment opportunities while dreaming for the future in accordance with the requirements of the industrial sector in the region. The Group is defining its strategies with precise analysis and positioning to be stronger in future years while captivating conjectural measures and innovative & creative practices to struggle for successful outcomes as being possessed since it came into existence. At the same time, it strives to achieve goals of perfection by earning the respect of its customers, suppliers, associates and competitors. To bring our position in the global arena to an advanced level and increase our attainments for institutionalization, profitability and cost control, we focus on creating strategic collaborations, a force of competition and evaluating the prospects afforded by existing sectors; while making the efforts to add alternative segments to our sphere of influence and by carrying out investments in line with it comprehensive plans for the years to come.

Abdullah Al Khater

Chief Executive Officer

Al Khater Group of Companies is one the leading Groups in Saudi Arabia and in Gulf States having a diversified range of activities including Real Estate, Investment, Trading, Automobiles, Engineering & Contracting, Manufacturing, Industrial HVAC Inspection & Testing Services, medical, Executive Housing, It is strategically located in the heart of Al Jubail city and offers its customers a full suite of industrial services across the life cycle all the assets. We are moving forward in the market with world-class resources and I am very proud of our people as they demonstrate their expertise and skills to meet and exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. As a growing Group, our driving ambition is to expand, succeed and gain professional excellence in every field of business we engage, through our unique combination of experience and expertise, innovation and vitality. We also perceive “the Business” as a Social Responsibility Project. Based on this approach, we are planning to support our market achievements with a broad range of projects that serve as levers in the solution of social problems and we will continue to add values to our society, our employees ensuring these efforts getting fruitful.

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